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Making a good impression with your content online is the key to successfully reaping the return on your marketing plan that you expect. Of course, making an impression isn’t easy, because consumer attention and browsing habits make the goal a constantly moving target. So how can you reach and attract more people? The answer is simple, even if the process is complex. Top performing content online has a few core elements in common, regardless of whether the materials in question are blog posts, social media updates, or even successful email campaigns. That common trait is the use of multiple modes of creative development, including not only text but also visual resources like images, infographics, and video clips. That makes creative content production services a worthwhile investment for many in corporate publishing.

What Do Strong Visuals Add to Your Content?
Studies have shown time and again that strong visuals increase engagement across the board in digital content marketing; that’s self-evident. But why? To boil it down, visuals tend to have a greater impact than text in several key ways that matter when you’re trying to deliver your message quickly. Creators of some of the top viral videos on Facebook spell it out:

  • Greater emotional impact from seeing something for yourself
  • Increased information economy because viewers can take in visuals more quickly than large blocks of text
  • More frequent sharing of content with a strong impact and clear message, leading to a greater reach

What does all this mean? In short, you’ve got a lot to gain from using the right creative content production services to enhance your blog posts, social media, and other online content with strong visuals.

How Much Do Strong Visuals Help?
According to the Search Engine Journal, the average gains from effective visuals in corporate publishing vary across the kind of content it’s used to enhance, but there are gains to be made in every area:

  • Infographics increase site traffic by an average of 12%.
  • Image tweets garner 35% more retweets than text-only posts.
  • Videos gain 28% traction by retweet count compared to text-only posting.
  • Web content with strong visuals performs an average of 94% better than similar content without them.

There’s really no question about it; your investment in strong visuals is a key part of making the most effective content writing for the web your company can produce.

Where Can You Find Content Services To Suit Your Business?
If you’re looking for ways to enhance your already fantastic written content, check out creative content production services from Amnet. The design team is there to help you create the most impactful messaging possible through excellent visual design on print materials, logos, and online ad layouts. You can even get help retouching your custom photo assets for the best possible effect.

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