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Why Corporate Communications? Any company always has information to convey to its clients, associates, and employees. Corporate communications give updates on where the company is heading, the story that made it what it is today, and invites the readers to accompany the company in this journey. Corporate communications is this two-way communication that directly shares news about the company or its products. Corporate publishing furthers

There is so much happening every minute on social media platforms—news feeds, stories, updates, launches, endorsements, advertisements, and whatnot. Social media marketing is an old subject; now the next trend is here: social media commerce. The busy and chaotic social media platforms have gotten a new update as shopping sites. Why social commerce? Social media is always a good place to introduce products and services.

Some of the most successful brands in America have customer magazines that make ideal examples of corporate publishing. Airbnb, for instance, publishes customer magazines that showcase success stories and some of the most beautiful properties hosted on its platform. What is your corporate publishing strategy? How To Add Customer Magazines to Your Publishing Strategy If you currently have a corporate newsletter, then you are no

The year 2021 is a time to breathe and focus on nullifying the effects of a very demanding 2020. Major changes in the patterns of consumption by people worldwide reverberated into 2021 as well. The publishing industry has withstood the pandemic quite gracefully and must now keep up with the trends of 2021 that will help it adapt to the new consumer behaviors. Content Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent mandatory lockdown have changed consumer behavior significantly. The remote-working culture has shifted its focus entirely to digital connections over physical ones to stop the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing has had effects on all industries alike, and creative agencies are not alone in this situation. The importance of proximity has been replaced by capabilities. However, creative agencies are resilient,

Social media is a two-way platform that lets customers travel alongside the company, experiencing its growth and influence. It has proven to be a necessity in the new normal post-COVID-19. The substantial reach of outstanding content has generated better leads in corporate publishing, and this is true now more than ever. Audience-Centric Content The market research company eMarketer states that audience-centric content marketing is not new to B2B firms, but

Robert McKee, a world-renowned screenwriting lecturer and project consultant for major firms, believes that executives can engage listeners on a whole new level if they toss their PowerPoint slides and learn to tell good stories instead, because people are not inspired to act by reason alone. Stories engage their emotions, talk to them, and energize them. Corporate communication, both internal and external, has a primary

Making your brand visible is not as easy as it seems in a world where there are increasing technological innovations and decreasing attention span. People are acclimatized to quick infotainment that is highly personalized and cut short of unnecessary extras. Corporates have to reach their target audience past these filters and make a sustainable impression on their minds. To do so, corporate publishing and communications

Digital Trends has a Great Impact The corporate publishing domain has been expanding for many years and in the last decade, it has evolved to provide an increase in customer experience with innovative methods. This creativity is due to the demand in the industry and also aligned with the latest digital trends. Hence publishers need to stay updated and provide the most sorted out content

Digital accessibility is about creating content in the digital domain, which can be universally accessed by all users irrespective of cognitive and motor skills. Recent reports by WHO indicate about 15% of the World’s population experience some sort of disability. In terms of numbers, it is well over 1 billion people worldwide. CDC reports indicate 1 in every four adults in the USA experience disability issues. People