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Making your brand visible is not as easy as it seems in a world where there are increasing technological innovations and decreasing attention span. People are acclimatized to quick infotainment that is highly personalized and cut short of unnecessary extras. Corporates have to reach their target audience past these filters and make a sustainable impression on their minds. To do so, corporate publishing and communications

Digital Trends has a Great Impact The corporate publishing domain has been expanding for many years and in the last decade, it has evolved to provide an increase in customer experience with innovative methods. This creativity is due to the demand in the industry and also aligned with the latest digital trends. Hence publishers need to stay updated and provide the most sorted out content

Digital accessibility is about creating content in the digital domain, which can be universally accessed by all users irrespective of cognitive and motor skills. Recent reports by WHO indicate about 15% of the World’s population experience some sort of disability. In terms of numbers, it is well over 1 billion people worldwide. CDC reports indicate 1 in every four adults in the USA experience disability issues. People

Have you ever discovered an intriguing product but then found out you could only get it in one location? Did you feel a little paranoid about using your credit card information on a small and unknown website or did the idea of signing up for yet another service eventually discourage you from purchasing? This is how many readers feel when corporate publishing decisions neglect to

The first quarter of 2020 has been one for the record books. No matter your geographic location, you have surely been rocked by the novel coronavirus that is making its way around the globe. Tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people are sheltering in place as the world attempts to mitigate the risk associated with a peak of the virus that will have global

Making a good impression with your content online is the key to successfully reaping the return on your marketing plan that you expect. Of course, making an impression isn’t easy, because consumer attention and browsing habits make the goal a constantly moving target. So how can you reach and attract more people? The answer is simple, even if the process is complex. Top performing content

The corporate publishing and public relations world are always evolving. Every year, new trends help define what the business communication world looks like. With a new decade beginning, expect 2020 to be a time for interesting developments in this field. These are three key trends we believe everyone should be watching this year. More Integrated Measurement Data has been a major force for disruption in

According to a PWC survey report businesses with strong corporate identity outperformed competitors by 25%. Seeing as how the very goal of corporate publishing is to ensure lasting stakeholder engagement, it is safe to say that it plays a fundamental role in establishing a corporate identity. Corporate publishing is all about conveying your brand promise. However, the message would be lost if you fail to

In an age of social and mobile communication, creating and publishing content is no longer restricted to any one medium. Today, messaging can be disseminated via a variety of platforms. And with the volume of content exploding and attention span shrinking, captivating audiences has become trickier than ever. So, how do you stand out in the crowd and make yourself heard in this era of

We can all agree that the breakneck speed of technology innovation has led to a slew of new trends within the corporate publishing space. And marketers are continually trying to adapt and flush out varied new strategies based on their business needs and context. However, it is interesting to see how some of the trends have completely disrupted this space and will continue to do